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What is this about? 

As many of you know, almost all musicians, bands and artists are running out of jobs due to the Corona / Covid-19 crisis. A lot of us are freelancers and therefore not eligible for unemployment benefits or any other support. Selling music through streaming platforms is significantly less profitable than selling CDs or vinyl records. Playing live shows has become the main source of income for many local and independent bands.

How can I support my favorite artists/bands during this crisis?

  • Buy albums (hardware or downloads).
  • Visit your artist‘s webpage to find out if they are selling any merchandise online. (Surprise a loved one with a special Easter present!)
  • Stream their music: Even if you have already bought an album continue streaming their music.
  • Have you already purchased a ticket for a now cancelled show, hold on to it. Either the concert will be postponed or the money will go towards the artist.
  • Stream online-gigs and donate (e.g. via PayPal)
  • If you are a musician, buy scores / arrangements of the bands you want to support.
  • Follow the Facebook-Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/supportyourartistsduringcovid19/

Further information on how to support your bands in the streaming age can be found under the following link:https://swimintothesound.com/blog/2019/2/12/a-guide-to-supporting-bands-in-the-streaming-age

What can I as an artist do?

Thank you!

You can download the logo here for free. Recommended hashtags are:

#HuifDeineMusikanten #HilfDeinenMusikern #SupportYourArtists #SupportYourArtistsDuringCovid19 #Covid19 #Covid-19 #Corona